Judith Moog actually wanted to become a development aid worker. Instead, while still a student of nutritional science, she took over a processing business from her father in 1989. This had grown from the organic farm »Domaine de la Planète«, established by Franz J. Moog near Carcassonne in the south-west of France five years previously to realize his vision of ecological agriculture. Shaped by the same vision, his daughter soon specialized in the natural production of organic oils before founding the BIO PLANÈTE brand and, step by step, creating Europe’s first purely organic oil mill. In 2004 she returned to Germany, where she set up a second branch of the company in Saxony. In the same year, she enlisted the support of Jérôme Stremler as a second managing director for France. Since then, the pair have led a dynamic business that spans national borders while still remaining a family-run enterprise. In this way, BIO PLANÈTE combines German quality awareness with French savoir vivre.

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a member of Zapf cosmetic group e.Kfr.,Friedberg (Hessen), HRA4157

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