The term cosmeceutical is frequently used when referring to phyto and cellular products. This recently coined term is a blend of the words pharmaceutical and cosmetic.

The Cyto-Cosmeceuticals:
The cyto-cosmeceutical products in Cellcosmet and Cellmen ranges are composed of cellular complexes – cyto – for revitalising, anti-aging treatments that rebalance the skin’s natural functions.
The Phyto-Cosmeceuticals:
The phyto-cosmeceutical products are made up of phyto (plant) and marine complexes, essential oils and flower extracts for pretreatment and well-being skin care.
The Cyto + Phyto-Cosmeceuticals:
The products in this group integrate in their formula both cyto (cells) and phyto complexes, which act in synergy to produce skin care treatments that revitalise and confer a sense of well-being.

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